Gastroenterologist in Kalyan
Gastroenterologist in Kalyan

Overview :-

The Department of Gastroenterology is comprised of physicians who see a wide variety of GI and Liver diseases. The Department is particularly known for its expertise in inflammatory bowel disease, liver disease, biliary tract disorders, and diseases of the pancreas, colon cancer screening and motility disorders of the esophagus. Siddhivinayanayk Hospital has team of Best Gastroenterologist in Kalyan. 

Gastroenterology  Services in Kalyan  provides an excellent environment for an interdisciplinary approach to disease. Physicians are geographically and philosophically closely linked, thereby facilitating informal discussion and  Gastroenterologist  consultation on routine and difficult management issues. Physicians are able to easily access the expertise of their colleagues as well as support services in areas such as nutrition and patient education. Through these centers, patients, referring physicians and trainees are able to avail themselves of comprehensive medical, surgical, radiologic, and pathologic expertise in the diagnosis and state-of-the-art therapy for a broad range of digestive diseases.

Programs & Services

Colon Cancer Screening

Colon cancer screening can be an important part routine health care.

Endoscopy Unit

A dedicated area for medical procedures using endoscopes, these cameras is used to view structures in the body.

Gastroesophageal Disorders

This chronic condition is caused by stomach acid or bile flowing into the food tube and irritating the lining. GERD may be indicated by acid reflux or heartburn that occurs more than once a week.

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD)

This term refers to two conditions (Crohn’s disease and ulcerative collitis) that cause chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract (GI). Inflammation that persists for a long time can cause damage to the GI tract.

Programs & Services

Liver Diseases

Your liver is responsible for many things that keep your body healthy. It converts nutrients into the chemicals your body requires. It removes poisonous substances. It converts food into energy. If your liver isn’t working well, it can cause problems throughout your body.

Nutrition Support Service

The Nutrition Support Service (NSS), a multidisciplinary team, includes a physician, a pharmacist and dietitians certified in nutrition support.

Pancreaticobiliary Diseases

These conditions can affect your liver, pancreas and gallbladder, as well as the bile and ducts. These conditions can cause long-term tissue damage or organ failure.